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My GroovePages Review

I Used Mike Filsaime's New Website & Funnel Builder, Here's My In-Depth Review

Mike Filsaime's GroovePages Review

Today, with everyone shifting towards the digital space, there is a huge scope in having an online presence for your business. If you are a big corporation, creating a digital presence would not be an issue for you. You can have a dedicated department just for your digital marketing and digital media management needs. However, if you are an entrepreneur, trying hard to make things work out, this can be a real struggle.

Fortunately, for people who do not have enough capital backing and expertise, GroovePages is a game-changer. If you are looking to develop a website or a sales page for your product, GroovePages makes it easy for you. It is a web development platform offered by GrooveDigital. Founders of GrooveDigital are Mike Filsaime (CEO), John Cornetta (President), and Matt Serralta (COO). They have been previously involved with digital marketing and e-commerce and have created this venture to help budding and ambitious entrepreneurs. Let's get into a detailed review of GroovePages and the wonders it can do for you.

Key Features of Groove

GroovePages, when compared to other web development platforms, has incomparable features.

· GroovePages utilizes a drag and drop design methodology that is easy to use for everyone. It specially caters to those who do not have an understanding of CSS codes and web development.

· GroovePages offer a large library of templates and elements available from which you can choose. You do not have to worry about your template design anymore.

· GroovePages is mostly a Front-end application. It means that most of the work done is being managed on your browser. In case of any internet outage, you can continue to work on your project.

· GroovePages creates pop-ups for your website through a simple process. You have options to create a pop-up that directs you to some other part of the website, or some other website entirely, and much more.

· GroovePages allows you to edit and customize your webpage according to different devices. It provides easy customization for mobiles, desktops, iPads, and laptops.

· GroovePages comes with a whole package of 20 other products. This brings everything you need for your website under one roof.

These are some features that make GroovePages different from all the others. But we did not just take their word for it, before reviewing the product, we tried and tested GroovePages, and here are some pros and cons that we have identified.

Pros of GroovePages

In this time and age, when everyone is hooked to their digital devices, having a webpage or a landing page can boost your business. However, if you are an entrepreneur starting things off, you may not have the workforce or the capital to get a webpage made, things can get a little tedious for you.

Although there are plenty of platforms out there that can help you, GroovePages provides you with ease that no one else does. Even if you have no clue about technology, you could create a webpage with GroovePages. The process is simplified so that nobody has to face any nuisance. Everything is self-explanatory, if you have an idea about what you want to do, it will only be a matter of time before you have a website of your own.

When it comes to design, it gets tricky with most of the other platforms. These platforms offer limited and generic templates. Often these templates are also not flexible with editing. You may have to look for a web designer to get your job done, which can be a lot of back and forth.

In the case of GroovePages, not only do they have an abundance of templates, but these templates are also flexible for editing by the likes of you and me. Simple options on the side tabs can help you get your desired results. You do not have to worry about some CSS code or anything too technical. From color gradients to the positioning of text, everything is marginally simpler than any other platform.

In addition to having these templates, there is also a vast library of elements. These elements may seem a little generic at first, but they can really change your webpage's outlook. In all our experience of building webpages, we haven't come across any platform that makes editing things into the elements so easy. Almost every function on GroovePages is about drag and drop. By the time you are done with your webpage, you will realize most of it has been just dropping your content on the page.

Another advantage of using GroovePages is the fact that you are not limited to creating some specific kind of webpages. You can build a website however you like through GroovePages. They provide a web hosting service that is incomparable. You will not find any kinds of lags or glitches while using GroovePages. Any changes you want on your website will probably take a second to update.

Fast bandwidth also makes it efficient for online businesses. When tested from other devices, it lets you navigate smoothly from one place to another, this makes sure your audience does not slip away. Many other domains take time which irritates the target audience and does not generate meaningful traffic.

Not only this, counters, pop-ups, and other interactive features also help you create a landing page that grasps the attention of your audience and generate more traffic, increasing your lead conversion rate.

Cons of using GroovePages

When we started reviewing GroovePages, we were all set to pinpoint any flaw or hurdle that customers might come across. By the time we were done with the product, we could only find flaws in other domains that we had been previously using.

You may require a moment to get a hang of GroovePages. It may seem that there are just too many tabs and options, but once you get going everything falls in line. If you carefully go through every option once, you will not face any difficulty and the process will be smooth.

Final Verdict of Groove

There is no other web building domain that can challenge GroovePages. GroovePages is one of the best tools out there to help people with no web development skills. It takes away all your hassles and provides you with extraordinary results.

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